1637: No Peace Beyond the Line (Ring of Fire, 29) [Flint, Eric and Gannon, Charles E.]

1637: No Peace Beyond the Line (Ring of Fire, 29) [Flint, Eric and Gannon, Charles E.]

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    A New Day in the New World


    It's 1637 in the Caribbean. Commander Eddie Cantrell and his ally and friend Admiral Martin Tromp start it off with some nasty surprises for Spain, whose centuries-long exploitation and rapine of the New World has run unchecked. Until now.


    Yet life goes on in the Caribbean. Relationships among the allied Dutch, Swedes, Germans, up-timers, and even Irish mercenaries continue to evolve and deepen. New friendships must be forged with the native peoples, who will not only shape the colonists' future in the Caribbean, but will also decide whether they will be given access to a Louisiana oilfield that could change the balance of power.


    But for now, the only oil Imperial Spain knows about is the crude pouring out of the Allies' pumps on Trinidad--which threatens its interests in both the New and the Old Worlds. So, following in the footsteps of the conquistadors, the empire's commanders are resolved to show that they do not take threats lightly or lying down. Indeed, their historical reaction is to respond with overwhelming--and often genocidal--force.


    The battle for the New World has not merely begun; it is a fight to the finish.
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