Flash Point
March 14, 2017
We are huge fans of cooperative games in my household. While we enjoy competitive games, it is nice to not have to worry about the balance of players all the time.
One game we are fond of is Flash Point: Fire Rescue. The premise is delightfully simple: players are trying to rescue victims from a burning building before the entire structure succumbs to the fire. Like most cooperative games, each player is assigned a different role which comes with a unique skill (such as the Rescue Specialist, who can break down walls faster than anyone else). The goal is to rescue 7 victims before either 4 perish or the building collapses, but the catch is that when you attempt a rescue, you don't know for sure whether there is a real victim in a room until you get to the token. And the more movements you take getting to the potential victim, the more time passes—and the fire spreads!

One great thing about Flash Point is its flexibility. The base game provides two building maps to work with, and there are more maps available as expansions. Within the game itself, there is an "expert" variant that brings in complications such as combustible materials. You can adjust the combination of difficulties depending on the experience of the players.

So far we have only played with adults, but due to its cooperative nature, it should play well with children. I am looking forward to teaching my nephew next time we have game time.

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