Small Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

Holiday shopping season is upon us, and small gifts are just as much in demand as large gifts- for stocking stuffers, for the later nights of Hanukkah, or for the shoppers to grab for themselves as a pick-me-up during an exhausting day of gift-buying! Whatever gamer you’re shopping for, we’ve got plenty of small presents that will be fully appreciated by their recipients.

Laika Playing Cards Tin

Small card games can pack a big impact, as seen with cult classic games like Fluxx and Love Letter. Fluxx (available in-store only) is a game with infinite replay value, as the cards drawn determine the very rules of the game! A night-infinite amount of themed expansions are available for those who already have the base game, and any version can immediately be opened and played by celebrants as soon as the gift has been given. Love Letter is a tightly designed deduction game where players try to get their letter to a princess before one of their rivals woos her first. All that holiday camaraderie can be broken immediately as you all compete for her hand! Are there any movie buffs among your friends and family, especially fans of animation? Then they might be excited to receive our deck of Laika Playing Cards, a deck with characters and imagery from Laika films such as Coraline and Paranorman! Every holiday gathering can use a deck of cards to engage everyone, and these are both beautiful and whimsical, an adorable small gift for parents, children, or anyone who likes to gawk at claymation.


Clear Dice with rainbow pearl beads inside

One thing guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of a tabletop gamer is a new set of really cool dice- and luckily for you, we’ve got more than our fair share! One of our bestsellers is the Floating Rainbow Pearls Dice, a gorgeous set of seven that will see you through any game of Dungeons & Dragons while also making you the envy of all the other players. We have glow in the dark dice sets, giant dice, sets of six sided dice for wargaming, and anything else you could possibly desire. Warning: once you start collecting cool dice sets, it may become impossible to stop, and you’ll soon find yourself sitting on top of a hoard of glittering cubes like a dragon!

If you’re buying gifts for a player in a roleplaying game, one surefire gift is a pre-painted miniature figure of their character! Whether they want a Female Elf Druid or a Male Dwarf Fighter, we have minis of every conceivable class, gender and species combination! If they don’t already have a character, a mini could inspire one- look at that tiny hero, and wonder what adventures and mischief they could get up to. These minis will suit a wide range of fantasy games, and are just the right size for movement on a hex map. Player characters aren’t the only things that need miniatures- get your local wargamer or Dungeon Master a bit of cool terrain like a Cursed Gravestone Graveyard Statue! Terrain instantly makes any tabletop combat scene more intense, as it forces the players to strategize about things like cover and line of sight, and lends a feeling of realism to a standard encounter. And besides, they look really cool! Another small present for your game master could well be the Game Master’s Toolbox Luck Deck, a collection of effects for when players roll natural 1s or 20s. It will liven up any game, but be warned- you may soon find yourself cursing your own generosity as the Game Master pulls an unlucky effect to inflict upon you! If you’re willing to take that risk, though, maybe the recipient of this deck will fudge a few rolls in your honor to pull lucky effects. Hey, it’s worth a try!

Olive Matte DS Sleeves

And what do you buy for a Magic: The Gathering player when you don’t know which cards to get? Try a booster pack of cards from a popular release, like Zendikar Rising, or a good set of card sleeves like Matte Dragon Shields 100 Count Sleeves. Collectable card game players always want booster packs by the truckload, and you have your pick of colors and scenes to decorate the backs of card sleeves. And throw a few booster packs in for yourself in case your giftee immediately wants to challenge you to a match!

We at Pandemonium hope that you find joy and comfort this holiday season, and make all your loved ones smile. These gifts ought to do part of the job!

By: Mira G.

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