Wrapping it up with a bow
While Pandemonium doesn't have any elves (not since the renovation anyhow,) we here do have a staff of helpful automatons to stock shelves, sleeve decks, and make insightful recommendations during the holiday season. Having prompted their processors during a refresh cycle, we gathered some groovy gift ideas that we now share with you; tis the season after all!
"This game fits in a stocking and since its for 2 players, can easily be enjoyed while waiting for everyone else to wake up. Festooned with adorable critters and intuitive mechanics, this one's sure to be a hit with players of most ages!"
"A charming lightweight indie rpg system, learning from it's predecessors Mork Borg and Into the Odd to make for an experience that is charming, thought provoking, and considerate of all playstyles. Perfect for players young and old, and for one shots, or campaigns!"
"It takes the lessons learned from Gloomhaven, and not only corrects them but bulds on top of an already fabulous foundation. The pacing of the adventures is immaculate, racheting up the tension to new heights. Also, the new crafting system is a hoot!"
"Exciting new look at post-scarcity civilizations, with top notch character development and intriguing Sci-Fi tech. I loved how Hamley (the protagonist) felt like they could only exist in this universe, really making use of all the intricacies of Bear's "White Space" universe"
"A cooperative and meditative exercise in world-building and community. Great as a game on its own, and a setting generating exercise to import to other rpg systems."
"a tidy skirmish game with card game elements that scratches the miniature itch and the desire to deckbuild. I've played it a lot with my sibling online (there's a digital version too,) but some of my friends run a league and I'm eager to join them."
"A tight deckbuilding game ten years in the making, this might be one of my favorite board games of all time."
"A gorgeous holiday-themed story with brooding art from a modern master."
"Playful and Geeky. Perfect for drinks, not so much for rolling."
"If you're a fan of the grimdark future of Warhammer 40,000, underhanded politics and unsavory dirtywork, this RPG might be right up your alley. As the henchmen of a mysterious patron, you might get up to all sorts of trouble furthering their agend. But be warned; you can never be too sure when your mutual interests might diverge..." 
"Cracking a box of cards is an experience, and cracking a box of Ixalan set boost is no exception. All of the alternate arts are gorgeous, and the cards are some of the most powerful in ages; all in all its a home-run for the Magic TCG."


Our Staff (the human ones) also have great recommendations. Feel free to ask those of them next time you're on the shop, or by phone or email.

Either way, stay safe, be kind, and have a happy new year!

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