New Games For Fall

The fall season is looking good for fans of board games! From new experiences to bigger and better versions of old favorites, there’s plenty of stuff to look forward to from now through November. This autumn, if you’re planning on safely gathering with family, friends or dorm mates, why not grab one of these games to while away the chilly night?

Everyone’s favorite game about rampaging giant monsters, King of Tokyo has gotten a serious upgrade with the 2nd Edition Monster Box in November! All of the Power Up expansions are included along with the base game, as well as the perfect bonus for fall - the Halloween expansion! Inhabit the souls of giant apes and lizards (or just a cute bunny rabbit in a giant mech) and smash things until the world is yours.

If autumn means mystery to you, then you’re looking for a game like Last Message releasing in October. In this fast-paced party game, the victim of a crime cannot manage to speak their last words- but they can draw them! The other players must attempt to decipher what those drawings mean, while the culprit tries to cover their tracks. Remember, the longer it takes to solve a crime, the less chance you have…

Want a more complex mystery? Crimes & Capers is just right for you! Coming in two settings and scenarios (High School Hijinks and Lady Leona’s Last Wishes), these offer fun twists on the genre of murder mystery parties. The mysteries revolve around cooperative puzzles, as you attempt to interpret wills and inheritances or notes passed around school. Will your wits be enough to see you through?

If you think of the beauty of nature rather than anything too bloody when autumn rolls around, take a look at Cascadia, which places you in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. Build up patterns with tiles to guide animals into the right habitats, and build up the terrain around it to meet the needs of the wildlife. Perfect for families and players young and old, Cascadia gives you the chance to help the world, rather than control it.

For something more strategy-intense, check out Khora: Rise of an Empire. As the ruler of an Ancient Greek city-state, you are responsible for the growth and welfare of your domain. Build up your city and manage your investments, pass laws and even wage war to conquer your opponents' cities! This is an extensive, intensive ruling simulator- be sure to play it with the smartest people you know!

On the other side of the difficulty scale, Mini Rogue lets you delve into a dungeon all on your own (or with a single partner.) In the depths of the dungeon is Og’s Blood, a ruby of unimaginable price, but you have to get past an array of hungry monsters to get there! The game’s minimalism allows you to plunge right in, and a campaign system allows you to connect multiple playthroughs into one overarching story.

Finally, for the younger gamers out there, Lupos is all about being wolves- and who doesn’t want to be a wolf? It’s a cooperative game about a pack trying to summon up a legendary wolf spirit, which you can do by making the right matches with chips and symbols. It can be played in a group of up to five players or by a single player on a lazy fall afternoon. It’s time to get into the full moon spirit!

Whatever kind of game you’re looking for, we’ll have it at Pandemonium. Here’s to a beautiful New England autumn!

Written By: Mira G.

Edited By: Irenee W.

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