Introducing e-books!

Pandemonium is proud to present a new type of books available: e-books! We’ve partnered with Kobo, one of the largest retailers of e-books in the world, to cater to your science fiction (SF) and fantasy needs.

In addition to having electronic copies of most of our stock, Kobo also has many excellent books that were never or are no longer in print (including SF short stories.) When looking at a book on our website you’re interested in purchasing, simply click the link we provide in the description and it will take you to a Kobo page connected with our store. We also have an e-books collection if you'd like to browse only e-books. You will know the affiliate link is connected by a message saying “Welcome Pandemonium customer” on the Kobo page. Some of the proceeds will go to Pandemonium, helping us continue to provide you with a wide range of wonderful titles. The Kobo app is free to download for your phone or your computer.

We hope you enjoy our selection, and have fun shopping!

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By: Mira G.
Edited by: Irenee W.

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