Independence Day Games To Play All Weekend Long!

Looking for something to do this Independence Day? Whether you’re alone, with family, or with friends, there’s nothing like a good game.

board game

For family gatherings, Flick ’Em Up will get your blood pumping and test your dexterity as your fictional cowboys duel out their differences by flicking disks.

Many of us grew up playing Set, and the classic game is still fun and challenging no matter your age—this game of memory and pattern recognition is easy to learn but hard to master. 

And storytelling games such as For the Queen will bring out the feeling of telling tales around a campfire, as each player uses their imagination to add on to a shared narrative built up with each card.

Friends and roommates are the perfect players for Codenames; it’s like the old standard of Guess Who, but with a more adult and party-oriented sensibility. 

board game

Betrayal at House on the Hill is good spooky fun in which you all explore the titular haunted house—but watch out for the friend who is secretly in league with the monsters!

Friend groups that are accustomed to game nights will also enjoy classic European board games such as Ticket to Ride, wherein you build railways across North America—perfect for the Fourth of July.

Unable to get together with friends who also like games? There are plenty of great board games with solo modes. You can build beautiful stained glass patterns in Sagrada, or dive into a mystery with one of the Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective games.


Or, if war games are more your style, painting miniatures is a perfect way to spend an evening as an individual or group!


Have a happy and safe Independence Day, Pandemonium customers! Let’s all hope the gaming spirit of cooperation stays with us through the coming months.

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