Halloween Chaos Draft

art for the magic card "Chaos Confetti" by Mark Tedin

If you've played Magic the Gathering for any length of time, chances are you've encountered the format known as Booster Draft. It's the version of the game where players crack fresh packs, pick cool cards from them, make a weird little deck, and then try them out against their friends. Usually these packs are taken from the same Magic set, making it easier for players to notice patterns and play into them. What if that wasn't the case though? 

What if you threw a little... Pandemonium into the mix.
This Halloween, we're hosting a Chaos Draft, which uses the same rules as Booster Draft, but pulls packs from throughout Magic's rich history. Because Magic has been printing packs since 1993, there are over a hundred different sets that packs COULD come from, and that's only counting the English printings! In Chaos Draft you may open packs that you didn't even know existed, see nostalgic cards from your past, or discover interactions you never considered. How do merrow from Llorwyn synergize with merfolk from Eldraine? What can new goblins and old goblins do when they're mixed together? We could very well find out!
Like the mighty 1/1 squirrel token, we've been tucking away packs for years in preparation for our annual Chaos Drafts. Each of these events is a wholey unique experience, curated by our cleverest MTG aficionados. Not only is this draft a fun way to test your deckbuilding skills while exploring a rich history of cards, but you get to read some truly egregious flavor text (the worse it is, the funnier it gets.) Pair all that with the truly unique gameplay only possible with this much variety, and you're looking at night full of tricks and treats!
If your interest is piqued, feel free to join us for our Halloween Chaos Draft (no costume required, but always welcome.)

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