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    The world as we know it is dead, covered in a thick layer of web by giant arachnids. No one is quite sure how or why they came to be: some claim they were a government experiment gone wrong, others claim they emerged from a rift in the Mariana Trench. But these are all just theories that, in the long run, don't matter. Because they’re here, scuttling across the surface of our planet, legs thicker than sewer pipes and bodies larger than buildings.

    Welcome to WEBWORLD, where you play as the resistance against giant spiders, living zombies and other humans, all the while trying to survive the hell-scape that is planet Earth. 

    Webworld uses a Dice Pool System, designating D8 from a pool of dice specific to your character. Are you ready to fight the spiders? I hope so, because the alternative doesn't bear thinking about!

    Recommended for fans of Arachnophobia!

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