Tyger Bright [McCarthy, T C]

Tyger Bright [McCarthy, T C]

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    A YOUNG GIRL MUST INFILTRATE THE HOME WORLD OF HUMANITY'S GREATEST ENEMIES. New space opera from former CIA weapons expert T.C. McCarthy.


    San Kyarr is a noviate within a secretive holy order tasked by Fleet to infiltrate the home world of mankind's most dangerous enemy: the Sommen. If caught, her mission could bring war to Earth--long before its forces are ready.


    When a competing faction within Fleet learns of the clandestine assignment and sends her own brother to destroy her, San is set on a journey toward destinies far greater than she ever imagined. As she evolves into a mysterious woman with the powers to send and receive quantum messages, she achieves humanity's most unattainable dream of instantaneous interstellar communication.
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