The Rift Coda (Rift Uprising, 3) [Foster, Amy S.]

The Rift Coda (Rift Uprising, 3) [Foster, Amy S.]

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    The exciting, action-packed finale to the acclaimed Rift Uprising trilogy.


    Ryn Whittaker started an uprising. Now she has to end it.


    Not long ago, Ryn knew who she was--a Citadel, a genetically enhanced super soldier charged with protecting her version of Earth among an infinite number of other versions in the vast Multiverse. But then Ezra Massad came through the portal and pushed her to question who she was--and why.


    Investigating her origins hurled Ryn, Ezra, and Ryn's teammate Levi through the Multiverse and head long into a vast and complex conspiracy. Now, Ryn can no longer follow . . . she has to lead. As a general, she must forge alliances with unpredictable species, make impossible decisions, and face deep sacrifices. She must command multitudes of troops. Ultimately, she must leave behind any trace of her childhood.


    Ryn was created to fight. Now she must take charge. Her armies are ready. Is she?

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