The Way Out (Forbidden Minds, 1) [Boudreaux, Armond]

The Way Out (Forbidden Minds, 1) [Boudreaux, Armond]

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    A medical miracle is reshaping the world. The artificial womb ensures the perfect health and flawless development of every unborn child. Natural pregnancy is now an unnecessary risk and is quickly criminalized as a danger to both mother and fetus.

    As a reporter, Jessica Brantley makes new enemies on a daily basis covering both sides of the controversial new law. Her search for the truth behind this world-changing technology leads to an unimaginable discovery: the existence of children with terrifying telepathic powers.

    This truth is no secret to former U.S. Marine Valerie Hara. Her illegally born eleven-year-old son can't help but hear the thoughts of everyone around him. When government agents storm her home to take her child away, she'll stop at nothing to protect her family.

    Soon, these two fearless women will be branded as terrorists, hunted by the military, demonized by the media, and drawn into a desperate fight for the freedom of the human race.

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