The Complete War of the Worlds [Wells, H. G. and Serviss, Garrett P.]

The Complete War of the Worlds [Wells, H. G. and Serviss, Garrett P.]

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    The Martians Are Coming!


    Together in one volume for the first time--H.G. Wells's seminal science fiction classic The War of the Worlds, with the contemporaneous, unauthorized, but extremely popular sequel Edison's Conquest of Mars, as well as Wells's own, much later conceptual sequel, Star Begotten.


    How often do you watch the sky at night? Ever see bright streaks of light exploding from the red planet? Get ready for adventurous reading as you embark on a journey to find out just how these alien invasions play out!


    In The War of the Worlds, how will woefully unprepared Earthlings respond to towering three-legged "fighting machines" armed with heat-rays and chemical weapons that far exceed the capabilities of the19th Century English military?


    In Edison's Conquest of Mars, Earth's leaders fear that the Martians will return to invade once more. U.S. President William McKinley, Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Emperor Mutsuhito unite to plan an attack on Mars. Led by American inventor Thomas Edison, a group of scientists develop new technologies based on what earlier Martian visitors left behind. They design and build a fleet of space ships for the pre-emptive move. What will happen when the two opposing forces meet?


    The protagonist of Star Begotten, Joseph Davis, is an author of popular histories, who becomes suspicious that he and his family have been exposed to a Martian influence of another sort and are in the process of being changed. What might that influence be?


    Three classics of Martian invasion in one volume

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