The Big Wet

The Big Wet

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    The world has flooded again. Maybe it's 2030, maybe it's tomorrow. But it's flooded again. You are scavengers, delving into the flooded ruins of the old cities to look for dry-world treasures that couldn’t be saved. The work is dirty, dangerous, and wet.

    The Big Wet is a postdiluvian survival RPG: sometime in the not-too-distant future, it started raining and never stopped. You play scavengers delving into the flooded ruins of the old world, hunting for dry-world artifacts to ship inland.

    The zine contains:

    • A straightforward d100 roll-under-over system using stats and your character's slowly-rising Wet score
    • A fast and brutal combat system, where every shot counts and every bullet matters
    • Simple but vicious terrain types and weather patterns, to ensure nothing is ever easy
    • Two introductory adventures: a half-sunken skyscraper with a still-active helicopter atop it, and a totally flooded aquarium teeming with sea life and valuable biological samples
    • Tables upon tables of gear, items, trinkets, and treasure 
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