Sixth Column (Trade Paperback) [Heinlein, Robert A.]

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    A perfect Heinlein near-future adventure from the First Golden Age of the legendary SF master and multiple New York Times best-seller with a new introduction and afterword by popular military SF writer Tom Kratman.. After the U.S. is conquered by totalitarians, an enclave of brilliant misfits leads a rebellion against near-impossible odds with humor, courage, grit--and ultimate success.

    It's six against six million in a brilliantly-waged near-future war for nothing less than liberty and justice for all. The totalitarian East has triumphed in a massive invasion and the United States has fallen to a dictatorial superpower bent on total domination. That power is consolidating its grip via concentration camps, police state tactics, and a total monopoly upon the very thoughts of the conquered populace. A tiny enclave of scientists and soldiers survives, unbeknownst to America's new rulers. It's six against six million--but those six happen to include a scientific genius, a master of subterfuge and disguise who learned his trade as a lawyer-turned-hobo, and a tough-minded commander who knows how to get the best out of his rag-tag assortment of American discontents, wily operators, and geniuses. It's going to take technological savvy and a propaganda campaign that would leave Madison Avenue aghast, but the U.S. will rise again. The counterinsurgency for freedom is on, and defeat is not an option.

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