Shibuyan Knights

Shibuyan Knights

  • Description

    Shibuyan Knights is an Anime style RPG that lets you play adventures like some of your favorite Anime shows and movies. It ships with the steampunk, magical world of Shibuya, where everything works on favors, and as you rise in Reputation Level, you gain more influence and power in the city.

    • Inspired by Vincent and Meguey Baker’s Apocalypse World and John Harper’s Blades in the Dark.
    • Quick, fast character creation. Play a scheming Roppongan, steampunk Tink, battle toughened Warrior, fist-fighting Monk, Brewer chemist, Arcane mage or a Tsukijan pirate.
    • Detailed, high resolution maps of Shibuya, a fantasy city based on modern day Tokyo.
    • Guilds, institutions and organizations that get your game started, with room for your group’s ideas and imagination too.
    • Step by step advice on how to run action-packed adventures.
    • Mechanics to custom build your own vehicles, mecha, gadgets spells and bases.
    • Shibuyan Knights lets you resolve adventures creatively. Not just combat!
    • Tone slides easily from light-hearted to youth oriented to morally gray.
    • Requres a GM and 1-6 players
    • Game play session is 2-4 hours
  • Delivery

    Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. We can only serve the continental US.

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