Tombs of the Desolation

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    The Desolation stretches beyond the Northern Reach, a blighted place, poisoned by dark magic and infested with undead. Fools and heroes alike test their mettle against the dangers this land poses, forcing them to contend with blood-thirsty vampires or dust storms of apocalyptic proportions. This sourcebook reveals one of the most dangerous places in the lands of R »l, providing new options for players and Game Masters alike, such as:  

    • Revenant, Salamander, and Vampire ancestries  
    • New paths including the Prince of Darkness and Slayer of the Dead  
    • The Blood tradition and new spells for existing traditions  
    • Details about the Desolation and surrounding lands  
    • New relics and creatures like the Cauldron of Death and the Desiccated One  
    • A new adventure!  

    Tombs of the Desolation  reveals more details about the world of the Demon Lord, giving you all the tools you need to tell stories set in a desert wasteland!

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