SET Mini Round

SET Mini Round

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    Set Schnupperspiel ‚  or ‚  Set Demo Deck ‚  is a small, promotional copy of Set! containing 27 cards.

    In SET, each card contains 1-3 objects, with all of the objects on a card having the same color, shape and shading. Colours, shapes, and shadings come in three different types: green, purple and red; oval, diamond and squiggle. As opposed to the original game, there is only one type of shading; solid.

    The object of the game is to create sets of 3 cards that are either all alike or all different.

    The Set Schnupperspiel, or Set Demo Deck, was available at the AMIGO Spiel + Freizeit GmbH booth, at Spiel '14, as a freebie.

    The Set Schnupperspiel was also available in ‚  Stadt Land Spielt! Sonderdrucke 2018 ‚  as part of that games package.

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