Paranoia Forms Pack

Paranoia Forms Pack

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    Who wants a normal, boring old GM's screen, eh?

    This is Paranoia, you lucky Troubleshooter! In this game, you get an Interactive Screen!

    What is an Interactive Screen you ask? Well, strictly speaking, the answer is above your security clearance, but you can take a look at the screen at least. You are cleared for that. Probably.

    See how the players' side is covered with lots of options to try out. It looks like you can place cards on some of the spaces. Why not try that out and see what happens? Go ahead, it is safe. The Computer tells you so.

    The PARANOIA(TM) INTERACTIVE SCREEN(TM) is an experimental but entirely safe device developed by those totally non-mutant geniuses over at R&D. How will it make you happy?

    * TOUCH SCREEN! It's entirely tangible. There is, actually, a piece of cardboard on the table, not just a hologram or social convention.

    * INTERACTIVE! Slam your Action Cards (TM) on the screen's ACTION SLOTS for SPECIAL BONUS POWERS!

    * DANGEROUSLY INTERACTIVE! Knock over the screen and win BIG PRIZES1

    * SO STYLISH AND AWESOME, you'll think it's above your security clearance!

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