Of Gods & Heroes

Of Gods & Heroes

  • Description

    Experience Mythic Adventure!

    Create a Hero. Walk with gods, perform incredible feats, punch monsters in the face.

    Be a Legend!

    Of Gods & Heroes is the role-playing game of mythic adventure.  

    This stand-alone system helps you create stories of epic proportions about heroes and heroines, gods and monsters. All you need is this book, some 6-sided dice and a thirst for action.  

    Of Gods & Heroes is inspired by mythology €œ the action movies of the ancient world. We've created a system that encourages stories with the same over-the-top coolness and creativity that is embodied in the most ancient storytelling traditions. The focus is on empowering GMs and players to build their own epic €œ a story unique to their larger-than-life characters, whether your campaign is set in ancient Greece, Viking-era Norway, the height of the Aztec empire, or in a post-apocalypse where the gods have returned.

    OGH showcases the most exciting moments of your story, making every play session an adventure.

    Each purchase of OGH also gets you a free introductory adventure - Grand Theft Chariot - so that you can jump right into playing the game.

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