Mystery Booster: Convention Edition Draft


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  • Description

    Welcome back to Pandemonium! 

    They are finally here- the Mystery Booster: Convention Edition boxes!

    Mystery Boosters’ huge pool of wild and wonderful cards pulled from over 20 years of Magic history—Over 1,600 reprints and 121 surprises you’ll have to see to believe.


    • Proof of COVID vaccination is required at EVERY EVENT. Either the presentation of the physical card or a clear picture will suffice. Pandemonium does not keep any records, written or otherwise, of vaccination status.
    • Advance online registration is required.
    • Anyone not registered in an ongoing event will not be allowed in the event space to maintain capacity limits.
    • Masks are required and must be kept on unless drinking. No food will be allowed in our event space for the time being.

    Spots are very limited, so get yours before they run out!

    Prize Structure:

    1 pack per win. Packs may be exchanged for $5 in store credit.
    Additional $10 in store credit for 1st place
    Additional $5 in store credit for 2nd place
  • Delivery

    Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. We can only serve the continental US.

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