MTG Draft- Adventures in the Forgotten Realms


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  • Description

    Our Draft Magic: the Gathering tournament! 

    This week's set will be Adventures in the Forgotten Realms!


    • Proof of COVID vaccination is required at EVERY EVENT. Either the presentation of the physical card or a clear picture will suffice. Pandemonium does not keep any records, written or otherwise, of vaccination status.
    • Advance online registration is required.
    • Anyone not registered in an ongoing event will not be allowed in the event space to maintain capacity limits.
    • Masks are required and must be kept on unless drinking. No food will be allowed in our event space for the time being.
    Prize structure is as follows:

    1 pack per win, plus $10 in store credit to first place in the pod and $5 to second.
  • Delivery

    Shipping is a flat rate of $4.99. We can only serve the continental US.