The Dark Spiral

The Strange RPG The Dark Spiral

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    The Dark Spiral  is a multi-part adventure for  The Strange. Player characters are tasked by the Estate, a secretive organization pledged to protect the Earth, to shut down a local dealer of spiral dust. Their mission takes them farther than they expected when the trail leads to alternate, limited worlds called recursions where the rules of reality are different.

    Game masters can intermix secondary Estate missions (in any order) with the main story arc of the adventure to create a mini-campaign.  The Dark Spiral  introduces players to the wonders of translating between alternate worlds of  The Strange  and showcases the narrative structure of the game. And it includes six pages of awesome "show 'em" illustrations to pull the players right into the action!  

    In addition to introducing new recursions not covered in  The Strange corebook,  The Dark Spiral  offers new creatures, characters, and items to add to any campaign.

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