Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, 6) (MM) [Jordan, Robert]

Lord of Chaos (Wheel of Time, 6) (MM) [Jordan, Robert]

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    In this sequel to the phenomenal ‚  New York Times ‚  best seller ‚  The Fires of Heaven, we plunge again into Robert Jordan's extraordinarily rich, totally unforgettable world.

    As the Wheel turns, the winds of fate roil across the land. Rand al 'Thor struggles to unite the nations for the Last Battle when the Dark One will break free into the world to spring the snares laid by the immortal Forsaken for unwary humankind. The White Tower in Tar Valon, under the Amyrlin Elaida, has decided that Rand must be controlled immediately. Drought and summer heat linger into winter and Nineveh al'Meara and Elayne, the Daughter-Heir of Andor, begin a desperate search for the fabled ‚  ter'angreal ‚  that may enable them to restore normal weather conditions.

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