Brachman's Underworld [Vaslyn, Vlad]

Brachman's Underworld [Vaslyn, Vlad]

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    Delilah Brachman just died and now she has six days to dodge her fate or she'll perish forever. She's become an "In-Betweener," a lost soul awaiting final judgment in a bizarre reflection of the city she just departed. The sins of her life condemn her to the Tuesday Train, but unwilling to accept her fate, Delilah embarks on a dark adventure through the perilous ruins of her city in search of redemption. She is soon sucked into a power struggle between a schizophrenic demon called the Cryth and an idealist tyrant named Honest Jack. Both seek to control a mysterious entity that could save them all. But Delilah is her own worst enemy, and she discovers that the path to salvation is riddled with deadly pitfalls. Will she overcome her past, or will the life she led ultimately condemn her? Brachman's Underworld is an epic life-after-death tale that examines the powers of judgment, and asks the question: can there be personal growth without true enlightenment, or are the two inexorably linked? Fast-paced, deeply psychological, and rich with literary nuance, critics have called Brachman's Underworld the lovechild of Beetlejuice and Stephen King.

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