Mouse and Dragon (Liaden Universe, 13) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

Mouse and Dragon (Liaden Universe, 13) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

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    The sequel to Saltation, a new novel in the breakout Liaden Universe(R) space opera series with a huge and active base of fans! A young heroine and the future co-leader of her star-faring clan battle nefarious forces from within the empire that threaten her family and her man.

    Aelliana Caylon has escaped her abusive family. She's found love in her starship co-pilot--a man who turns out to be the leader of Korval, the most powerful clan of the Liaden Universe(R). But destiny never intended an easy life for Aelliana. Insidious forces within the empire are determined that a new line of Korval heirs be destroyed and that Clan Korval itself be blasted to interplanetary dust. The fight for the future of the Liaden Universe(R) is on, and one heroine is determined to protect her family and her soulmate at all costs!

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