Saltation (Liaden Universe, 12) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

Saltation (Liaden Universe, 12) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

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    #12 in a breakthrough space opera series with a huge and active base of fans - this is Harry Potter's Hogwarts Academy in a science fiction setting. A young maverick star-pilot Theo Waitley enters the pilot's academy where she discovers the heroine inside herself as she follows her destiny as an ace starship pilot and budding leader of a powerful Liaden(R) clan.

    #12 in the Liaden(R) space opera series. Theo, star pilot wannabe and troubled misfit has been accepted, against all her expectations, to Anlingdin. It's the Hogwarts of star piloting academies, and Theo has been selected to train there with the best-of-the-best. Even better - she can finally leave behind the gawky, misfit days of teenage angst her previous life so complicated before. Great Liaden star pilots are born with a bang and not a whimper-and Theo has set a course to graduate from misfit to genuine maverick.

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