Empress of Forever [Gladstone, Max]

Empress of Forever [Gladstone, Max]

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    A wildly successful innovator to rival Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, Vivian Liao is prone to radical thinking, quick decision-making, and reckless action. On the eve of her greatest achievement, she tries to outrun people who are trying to steal her success.

    In the chilly darkness of a Boston server farm, Viv sets her ultimate plan into motion. A terrifying instant later, Vivian Liao is catapulted through space and time to a far future where she confronts a destiny stranger and more deadly than she could ever imagine.

    The end of time is ruled by an ancient, powerful Empress who blesses or blasts entire planets with a single thought. Rebellion is literally impossible to consider--until Vivian Liao arrives. Trapped between the Pride ¢ € •a ravening horde of sentient machines ¢ € •and a fanatical sect of warrior monks who call themselves the Mirrorfaith, Viv must rally a strange group of allies to confront the Empress and find a way back to the world and life she left behind.

    A magnificent work of vivid imagination and universe-spanning action, ‚  Empress of Forever ‚  is a feminist ‚  Guardians of the Galaxy ‚  crossed with ‚  Star Wars ‚  and spiced with the sensibility and spirit of Iain M. Banks and William Gibson.

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