A Taste of Honey [Wilson, Kai Ashante]

A Taste of Honey [Wilson, Kai Ashante]

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    Royal cousin Aqib bmg Sadiqi is expected to marry well and take over his father's position as Master of Beasts. This planned life abruptly comes to a crossroads when he meets a visiting Dalucan soldier named Lucrio, with whom he feels passion and potential beyond what he ever imagined. Under pressure from his family and a society that represses love between men, Aqib must decide whether to choose the path of duty as husband and father or bind his fate to a foreigner's and accept exile from his home. As with his breakout novella, The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps (2015), Wilson only hints at his world's clearly complex setting and backstory. Men like Aqib and Lucrio are largely ignorant of the mystical arts pursued by women and divinities, but the reader gets tantalizing hints of science so advanced it appears magical. A vivid and deeply satisfying romance set against a fascinating backdrop, A Taste of Honey will especially appeal to fans of speculative fiction from authors like Lois McMaster Bujold and N. K. Jemisin and will leave most readers agitating for more from the talented Wilson.

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