Night's Sorceries (Flat Earth, 5) [Lee, Tanith]

Night's Sorceries (Flat Earth, 5) [Lee, Tanith]

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    A long time ago when the Earth was Flat, beautiful indifferent Gods lived in the airy Upperearth realm above, curious passionate demons lived in the exotic Underearth realm below, and mortals were relegated to exist in the middle. Prince Chuz, Delusion ƒ ¢ ¢ ‚ ¬ ¢ „ ¢s Master, stole Azhriaz, daughter of the Demon Lord of Night, from her eternal prison. Pursued by the vengeful Lord of Night, Chuz and Azhriaz fled to the lands of mortal men. Yet when demons entered the realm of men, terror and wonders were bound to result.

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