Foraging Squirrels (Magic Minigame) [Modern Horizons 2 Minigame]
Foraging Squirrels (Magic Minigame) [Modern Horizons 2 Minigame]

Foraging Squirrels (Magic Minigame) [Modern Horizons 2 Minigame]

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  • Description

    Set: Modern Horizons 2 Minigame
    Type: Card — Magic Minigame
    Rarity: Common
    2-4 players | 2 packs | 5 min


    You’re a cute squirrel, which is great; however, you need to collect food for the winter along with the rest of the squirrels, and you’re all competing for the same food strewn across the forest floor. Scramble to get the best stuff!


    Open both packs and remove all cards without Magic card backs. Select one art card and shuffle it in with the rest of the cards, which represent the food. Deal the cards face up in a 5x5 grid. Randomly determine who goes first.


    On your turn, choose a color (including colorless). Then move the art card either vertically or horizontally on the grid, skipping empty spaces and collecting each card in your path that matches your chosen color. (Reminder: Lands are colorless.) The art card can move in only one direction per turn, and it stops moving when it reaches the edge of the grid or if the next card in that direction doesn’t match your chosen color. It replaces the last card collected, leaving empty spaces where any previously collected cards were. Then play passes to the next player.

    After the first player takes their first turn, each other player can dig once per game, moving a card to an empty space before or after moving the art card on their turn.

    TO WIN:

    Play continues until no cards remain in any horizontal or vertical direction from the art card. Players score 1 point per card they’ve collected, plus 1 bonus point for each of the following achievements:

    • Most foils

    • Most rares and mythics

    • Most unique colors (including colorless)

    • Most cards with squirrels in the art

    If players tie for a category, they each receive a bonus point. The squirrel with the most food—that is, the player with the most points—wins!
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