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    It's Dungeons & Dragons for the boozin' 21+ crowd. DrunkQuest combines fast-paced card game mechanics with shades of the D&D fantasy world with a few 6-packs and a liter or two of Captain Morgan for a party game of competitive entertainment and epic inebriation. Creators Jasn Painter and Athena Cagle of Loot Corps have heard playtesters describe DrunkQuest as "Munchkin with booze", and advocate the portrayal. They designed the liquor-laden saga with straightforward rules and magic cards that are easy to understand, so that anyone--even those who begin the Drunk before the Quest part--can pick up and get in on the action in minutes.

    A typical DrunkQuest game runs from 25 to 45 minutes, accommodates 3 to 6 players, and rolls as follows:


    • Before the game begins, players choose one of 8 Hero Class cards at random. They include Brewmaster, Cleric, Paladin, Ranger, Trickshot, Warrior, Thief, and Wizard.
    • Players then choose a random Realm. Both Realms and Hero Classes have unique bonuses and rewards attached to them that prove relevant repeatedly throughout the game.
    • Players also receive 5 Treasure cards--obtaining these is a constant goal for players, as they have either positive returns for their holders, or negative consequences for those they are used against. The 4 types of Treasures include: Actions, which can be played on the holder's and other players' monsters; Permanents, played on the holder to receive bonuses throughout the entire game; Instants, played on either the holder or other players at any time; and Interrupts, which can stop other players from playing certain card types.
    • To begin combative play, players take turns revealing a Monster card. Monster cards have numbers at the top left in red, signifying their drink value, or how many drinks a fighter must take to defeat the monster. The number at the bottom right in green is its Treasure value, or how many Treasures the fighter will earn upon the Monster's defeat.
    • When a player's Monster is revealed, the other players have the opportunity to affect it with their Treasures. These can do anything from adding drinks to the Monster, moving it to another player, or removing Treasure values. When a monster is defeated, it grants a level to the prevailing player.
    • The first player to reach Level 6--without passing out or projectile vomiting--wins.



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