King Mother Vanguard

Dragon Shield 100CT box Classic Art King Mothar Vanguard Coat of Arms

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    We have successfully upgraded our Classic Art Sleeves in more than one way. First, we've applied a new finish, which is soft rather than smooth. It is still Classic, but with just the right friction for an improved shuffle-feel. Second, the artwork now covers the entire sleeve, no white edges here. The new Art Sleeves tap into the Arcania Universe, which you can soon delve into through our Story Book - Dragon Shield Kingdoms, which is a GenCon/Spiel exclusive. The Matte Art Sleeves features the three Royal figures of Arcania, and it is the first time an Art Sleeve features something more than "just" a dragon. The Classic Art Sleeves feature the Royal Coat of Arms that go with the Matte Sleeves, and they offer gamers a chance to truly stand out.

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