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    Join guest DM Jeremiah for The Last Life Guardian, a Level 2 adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics

    A chance encounter with a dying outland trader yields a terrific tale of horror and hope: a human wizard with the ability to heal and even bring the dead back to life is being held prisoner by savage mutants within a time-ravaged superstructure of the Ancient Ones! The village Remembers -- elders who study and record the history of The World Before -- ask you and your compatriots to set out beneath the red and bloated sun to brave the perilous wilds and dire creatures of Terra A.D. to find and rescue this wizard. After all, there's a chance it could be one of the fabled Life Guardians, a surviving member of an ancient pre-disaster order sworn to heal and protect mankind. Such an ally would be invaluable -- for you or your enemies...

    MCC is DCC reskinned to a post-post apocalypse world where a cataclysm destroyed The World That Was and brought about Terra A.D., a land of climate extremes, multiple sentient creatures (human, manimal, and plantient alike), and ancient technology -- some long-decayed, some still active, and some very much aware (and wondering what to do about the humans who destroyed the world). If you've played popular fantasy ttRPGs, you will understand 90% of the rules of MCC; if you're a beginner, so long as you have a sense of wonder and a thirst for adventure, you're welcome to join and try out the game!

    This particular adventure will be heavy on exploration, and the story we create together will be determined by how the party wants to approach the situation. Character sheets will be provided, or you may bring your own level 2 character (technically, you can use a DCC character, but pregenerated will be from MCC). 

    Players should bring a sense of wonder and a thirst for adventure - everything else needed including character sheets will be provided. We also recommend picking up a set of DCC Day Dice, available on our preorders page, if you wish.


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