Daisy [Lorimer, Colin & Lorimer, Colin]

Daisy [Lorimer, Colin & Lorimer, Colin]

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    A graphic novel masterpiece of modern horror, Colin Lorimer's Daisy springs from the apocalyptic Book of Enoch, excluded from biblical canon and disclosing the war of angels and Man's introduction to violence, corruption, and evil.


    A desperate mother's search for her missing son leads to the mysterious family of Daisy Phillips. Like many teens, Daisy has a hard time fitting in, but for atypical reasons: Daisy stands over eight feet tall and believes herself descended from cannibalistic giants spawned from the outcasts of Heaven. This frail, disfigured youth may hold the key to unlock the Language of Creation--the divine DNA of God--and expose the monstrous lie hidden within Creation itself.


    Collects Daisy #1-#5.
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