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    Nominated for a 2014 ENnie Award for Best Electronic Book!

    Corporia  is 'knights in shining Armani.' It's what happens when you mix Camelot with a spoonful of  Torchwood, add a pinch of cyberpunk, a dash of Joss Whedon's  Angel, and a sprinkling of  Shadowrun. If you enjoy these, you're going to love  Corporia.

    Corporia  is a 211-page tabletop role-playing game of genre-bending fiction and futuristic urban fantasy written by  Origins  and  ENnie  award-winning author Mark Plemmons. In  Corporia, you take on the roles of reborn Knights of the Round Table or their supernaturally-powered allies, fighting an invisible war for justice in the struggle between otherworldly Chaos magics and the oppressive Order of the ruling mega-corporations!


    • One simple, unified game mechanic for all abilities, including fighting, spellcasting, and hacking! Simply add your character's Core Value rank + one relevant Skill rank + the high die from a 2d6 roll, and compare the total result to a Target Number.
    • Hackers can bring their allies into virtual worlds with them; no one gets left out!
    • Spellcasters can cast whatever they can imagine, limited only by their skill rank in any of eight schools of magic - and all 64 sample spells can be easily modified at will!
    • Four personality traits (three public, one private) keep situations interesting and provide points for permanent and temporary improvements, supplementing the core dice mechanics without becoming the main aspects of the rules!
    • Metal melee weapons are more effective against monsters than firearms, keeping swords and daggers relevant even in a future of X-Calibre energy pistols and glowing raypiers!
    • An innovative, modern design style in a book full of page-turning concepts!
    • Extensively bookmarked and linked PDF with a fillable character sheet for the players, a fillable mission log worksheet for the Director (Game Master)!
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