Blood Red Sands

Blood Red Sands

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    You are about to enter a savage and brutal world of dark sorcery, a world where the five Witch Kings of Abalahn slew the very gods and have reigned for a thousand years.

    Blood Red Sands  is a game of competitive role-playing, where powerful heroes confront the terrible might of the Witch Kings of Abalahn. Only one hero will reach her goal. Will she throw down the Witch King, and if she does, will she take the place of the defeated tyrant on his throne?  Blood Red Sands  is a game for four to six players set in a brutal world of swords and sorcery. In each round, a hero is eliminated until only one remains. Will it be yours?

    The world of Abalahn is stark, violent, and completely over the top. It's a world ruled by sorcerers whose foul magic is fueled by human souls. Legions of the soulless Unliving now exist in half-lives of servitude and torment. Beyond the alabaster towers of the White Princes, scattered settlements of people struggle to survive and remain free in the midst of a desolate landscape. Beset by foul beasts of every description and buffeted by devastating soul storms, the people are desperate for a hero. Can you rise up above the oppressed masses and survive in a world seeking your destruction

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