Anno Dracula - The Bloody Red Baron [Newman, Kim]

Anno Dracula - The Bloody Red Baron [Newman, Kim]

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    It is 1918 and Graf von Dracula is commander-in-chief of the armies of Germany and Austria-Hungary. The War of the Great Powers in Europe is also a war between the living and the undead. Caught up in the conflict, Charles Beauregard, an old enemy of Dracula, his proteg ƒe Edwin Winthrop, and intrepid vampire reporter Kate Reed go head-to-head with the lethal vampire flying machine that is the Bloody Red Baron...


    In the brand-new novella Vampire Romance, Genevi ƒ ¨ve Dieudonn ƒe, newly returned to England, infiltrates a singular vampire gathering in the service of the Diogenes Club.

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