Calen the Emerald (Aglaril Cycle #4) [Feitelberg, Rich]

Calen the Emerald (Aglaril Cycle #4) [Feitelberg, Rich]

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    Sir Ahlan and his companions discover a troop of dead gnomes. A message found among them identifies the deceased party as couriers carrying a map that leads to the next Aglari. The gnomes appear to have been killed by wolves until Brashani finds an arrowhead in the ground. Realizing bandits are involved, Ahlan considers tracking them but dismisses the idea as impractical. It is only after Nancy and Iriel fail to return to camp, while collecting firewood, that the knight is forced to pursue the thieves, unlocking an adventure through the Gods' Home forest-and a nearby swamp in a race to the magic gem.

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