Not Your Average Monster II [Kahle, Pete]

Not Your Average Monster II [Kahle, Pete]

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    JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD VENTURE OUT OF YOUR HIDING PLACES, HERE COMES ANOTHER HORDE OF HORRORS Slithering, wriggling, lurking, and creeping. Leaving slick trails of pustulent slime behind them. These aren't your run-of-the-mill monsters populating the pages of this tome. No, these critters feed on the fear that bubbles up inside you when all appears lost and the scent of blood is on the wind. Now is the time to face these demons and read on. NOT YOUR AVERAGE MONSTER, VOL. 2: A MENAGERIE OF VILE BEASTS 19 more creatures gestated in the sick minds of: Jared Oliver Adams Richard Farren Barber Shawn Francis Marlena Frank Wednesday Lee Friday Leigh Harlen Erin Michelle Jendras B.T. Joy Patrick Lacey Sallie McDaniel Logan Noble Jenny Orosel Michael Picco Betty Rocksteady Nisi Shawl Meryl Stenhouse John F.D. Taff Johann Thorssen Aaron Worth THIS NIGHTMARE HAS JUST BEGUN!

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