EXIT: The Stormy Flight

EXIT: The Stormy Flight

  • Description

    You are crewmembers on a passenger plane bound for Barbados. You have flown this route countless times already. Of course, you have experienced everything possible (and impossible) on these flights: technical malfunctions, turbulence, tour groups who are also flying to Hamburg, Berlin, London, or Amsterdam in order to visit so-called €œescape rooms there...


    But what's waiting for you today is going to leave everything else in the dust. The weather service already announced that things might get a €œlittle rough, but now you find yourself in the kind of electrical storm that can easily throw even an experienced crew into a state of panic. The clouds are almost black, flashes of lightning rip through the dark sky, and rain pounds the engines. Suddenly, an alarm light comes on €¦ and another €¦ and you have a queasy feeling that the rest of the flight might become the greatest adventure that you have ever experienced.


    Solve the riddles, repair the airplane, and try to land safely!


    1-4 players

    Ages 10+

    60-120 minute play time


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