Mother of Darkness

Symbar - Mother of Darkness RPG

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    We wish you a warm welcome to the deadly depths of Davokar. This fourth episode in the Chronicle of the Throne of Thorns does not only feature the adventure Mother of Darkness; it also provides rules for you to stage your own expeditions to the wilder and darker parts of the forest. With this book as your guide, the time is finally here to embark on the journey of every fortune-hunter and explorers dreams, to the place the witches call "the Mother of All Darkness." To Symbar. Featured content: - The adventure Mother of Darkness, where the player characters get a chance to explore the ruined city of Symbar. If they survive the journey ¦- A travelers journal written by the expedition leader Vidina, meant to be read by both players and the Game Master.- A comprehensive chapter for the Game Master, introducing the older history of the Davokar region and describing developments within and between the game worlds factions.- Two freestanding ruins with color maps, which may be explored as stand-alone adventure landscapes or encountered during the journey to Symbar.- Rules and guidelines for expeditions into Davokar, to be used in order to design or randomly create thrilling treasure hunts and journeys of exploration.- A chapter with rules for new traits, artifacts, creatures and an expanded version of the Bushcraft boon.

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