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Weekly events are back at Pandemonium! At this time all participants must bring proof of vaccination. Everyone also needs to follow the store's general rules on masking, sanitizing upon entry, and maintaining 6ft distance when possible. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Events are now back- check the calendar!

Magic is the largest collectible card game in the world! Build a unique deck from your collection and play online or in store! When the play space is open we run regular Standard, Pioneer, Modern, Pauper, Legacy, Commander, Draft, and sealed tournaments weekly.

Q: If I can't play in store how can I play?

A: Use our code PANDEMONIUMBOOKSANDGAMES and we'll receive a 10% kickback on all event purchases. Play Arena at home, send us a screenshot to our instagram @pandygamesma & we'll send you the week's code which awards you a premium card back each week.

Or you can play real paper magic cards with roommates, or online via webcam with friends! Consider doing a sealed tournament with a Zendikar Rising prerelease kit!

Q: What format should I play?

A: There are a few questions to ask:
1. What do my friends play?

Decks built based on different formats don't play well together, so figure out what rules your friends are following in terms of what cards are allowed and how many cards are in your deck.

2. For constructed decks choose 1V1 or group play?

The two best constructed formats for beginners are Standard and Commander. Standard is played 1V1 and is reasonably cheap to get into. The power-level tends to be lower since it only uses the most recent sets, so it makes it easier to play.
Commander can be played 1V1 but is often played as a group. It's really fun if you like deck-building as you can tweak your deck easily. Commander can be as competitive or casual as you like.

3. Limited tournaments - consider how much experience you have? Sealed tournaments let you build a deck from a set of booster packs for each tournament or league and are great if you're brand new. Draft tournaments require more experience as you build your deck out of a shared card pool by picking a card from a pack and passing the pack continuing until there are enough cards to build a deck for that tournament.

Feel free to chat with us about the various formats and our favourite cards, we're always happy to chat!

Events are now back- check the calendar!

Roleplaying games require problem solving, negotiation, and creativity in order to create a compelling adventure where the story is much more important than the outcome.

Of the RPGs, D&D is the most popular RPG in the world, so it's the best place for most to dive into roleplaying games. All you need is a set of polyhedral dice and a group of two or more people and you can play. We recommend the Starter Set to get going, or play one of our very popular Beginner's D&D Games every Wednesday night.

We take pride in carrying a vast collection of fantastic games. Run a fast food stall for monsters in Grub Hub or build-out a map of a community surviving just before the world ends in the Quiet Year.

When the event space is open, we have monthly rotating RPG nights, recent ones include Dungeon Crawl Classics, Cats of Cthuhu, and City of Mist. We suggest purchasing a rulebook from us and calling up your friends on roll20 to run a game.

Coming back soon after restrictions lift! When the play space is open we love hosting game designers for board game demos. Come out and learn a new game for free!

Board games are a great way to connect with family and friends. Here are links to a few of the categories we have available:

Family games

Abstract/Traditional Games

Small Games

Staff Picks

New Games

Order a game today to play at home!

(if you're a designer and would like to run a demo at the store when we reopen contact

Events are now back- check the calendar!

Wargames involve complex battles with miniatures and terrain obstacles. Some come prepainted like X-Wing, some need to be assembled, customised, and painted like Warhammer 40k. When the store is open we host weekly tabletop nights and paint nights. 

Start painting your next army at home:

Warhammer 40k

Age of Sigmar



Star Wars: Legion

Events are now back- check the calendar!

These games are played in-store:

- Vanguard
- Keyforge
- Dragon Ball (not yet back for events)
- Yugioh

We also carry:

- Pokemon
- Flesh and Blood
- Gateruler
- Genesys

Coming back soon as restrictions lift!

Living card games are different from collectible card or deck games because the contents of each expansion pack are known. Then you can build your own decks to fit the format and your goals using those cards L5R - Legend of the Five Rings is a complex game that is almost punishing with it's strategy.Arkham Horror - Themed on lovecraftian horror.
Game of Thrones - Play out scenarios in the game of thrones setting.Marvel Champions - Super-hero themed, this is the newest edition and has been a smash hit.

Tournaments and events are currenty cancelled due to Covid-19.

Events are now back- check the calendar!

Yugioh is a collectible deckbuilding game based on the TV show. It features many different factions including dragons, ghost, and aquatic people. A starter deck will get you going, if you'd like to be  a bit more competitive try combining cards from multiple starter decks to improve consistency. We host Yugioh tournaments and free-play weekly when the playspace is open.

We love hosting the world's best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror writers. Contact John at to inquire about hosting an author event when our event space reopens.