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Unfortunately, due to the program not currently being financially viable, we are suspending the operation of Pandemonium's D&D program starting Monday, July 20th. All games through Saturday 07/18 will run as normal with signups going through our website as normal. You can sign up for your events through the weekend by clicking on the calendar below. If you do not see your event, please click on the date number to look at the daily view. If you already payed in advance for a date on or after July 20th, please send all requests for a refund to this email address.

We expect to reinstate the D&D program as part of Pandemonium's events schedule once we reopen, likely by focusing on the Family D&D program as we have been. In the meantime, we highly encourage you to continue playing with your groups, who can now pay your DMs directly for their time instead. That way, once we officially begin running the games through the store again, we can seamlessly integrate the experience back into the tables in our store.

Please contact our Events Manager, Eleanor, at events@pandemoniumbooks.com if you have any questions, and thank you for all your support through the COVID pandemic. Know that we are only suspending the program to focus on our operations that will keep the store open for years to come. 

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