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Registrations close 24 hours before each session—please sign up in advance!


In the time before COVID-19, Pandemonium was home to a set of bustling roleplaying communities. Now our Dungeon Masters have taken to the internet, where they continue to craft marvelous adventures.

Events cost $15/player for a 3-hour session. If it's your first time playing, a member of our staff will contact you to teach you the basics of Roll20 (the in-browser application we use to run the show).

Almost all our adventures are originals, and we're truly excited to run them for you! Our new games are encouraged to run in Pandemonium's Arcus World, a world that has been built up over years of work to provide an original experience at the store (or online!).

Arcus is an expansive world about exploration, the discovery of lost secrets, and diplomatic contact. A civil war that nearly destroyed the continent also damaged the profound nature of magic itself, leading to profound consequences across the land. Players are charged with scouting a region of the continent and building a settlement there using special "settlement rules" that will allow their settlement to grow and change with them as they become more influential in the world. Some races and classes which are generally "evil" have been restricted (the assassin, for example), but the campaign is still designed to let players choose what they want to do and where they want to go. We would like to see players transition into this world long term, to build relationships with the characters and world in a totally unique setting designed with families in mind. 

Most games are appropriate for anybody over the age of 13, but Family D&D is for ages 8-13 (accompanied by a parent or guardian). This is our most popular program by far! If you already belong to an ongoing campaign, just find your DM's tab to sign up for the week.

We also take on private games! If you would like to have your own session at a regularly scheduled time, please email events@pandemoniumbooks.com. Minimum table size of 4 players every week.

Open D&D Games

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Beginner D&D

Every Wednesday night, we run one of our four Beginner Adventures. Each adventure is original and self-contained—lovingly designed to introduce players to various aspects of the game. Sessions are open to beginners as well as more experienced players.

You can either choose from a set of pre-made 1st level characters, or create your own before the session begins. By playing all four adventures (in any order), your character will reach the 3rd level.



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Family D&D

Family D&D sessions are available for beginners and more experienced players alike. Sessions are available for children aged 8+. We ask that all players be accompanied in-game by a parent or guardian.

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