Growing Things and Other Stories [Tremblay, Paul]  (Signed, 1st ed.)

Growing Things and Other Stories [Tremblay, Paul] (Signed, 1st ed.)

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    A collection of chilling and disturbing stories, including the Bram Stoker Award nominated "The Teacher", from the author who wrote the spine-tingling A Head Full of Ghosts. ‚   Dive through worlds of terror both supernatural and psychological in this sampler from a master of the macabre.


    "It is a terrible thing to read a Paul Tremblay story. . . Terrible because you know, going in, that it's probably going to mess you up. That his stories and his words have this way of getting under your skin. Of crawling inside you like bugs and just . . . living there. They become indistinguishable from memory. . . It's terrible to read these stories, but you do it anyway. . . They're fun because they're dangerous. Because, word by word and title by title, I can feel the damage accruing. The scars."

    - NPR


    "Taken as a whole, the book confirms Tremblay's atmospheric mastery, his ability to capture a growing sense of Not Right, the moment when dream goes nightmare."

    - Boston Globe

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