A Pale Light in the Black: A Neog Novel ( Neog #1 ) [Wagers, K. B.]

A Pale Light in the Black: A Neog Novel ( Neog #1 ) [Wagers, K. B.]

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    The Near-Earth Orbital Guard protects human life in the Sol System and ensures the safety of space where humans roam. As the Interceptor crew of Zuma's Ghost recovers from its defeat at the annual Boarding Games last year, they are surprised by a sudden reassignment of one of their own and getting a new lieutenant. Maxine Carmichael may come from one of the most powerful families on Earth, but she intends to find her own way into the black of space. She hopes her new team and Jupiter Station will become home, but doubt slowly creeps in. The crew of Zuma's Ghost must come together to take the next Boarding Games and deal with a growing mystery surrounding missing ships, long-lost people, and a secret from Max's family's past that could put Zuma's crew and thousands of others in danger. VERDICT The U.S. Coast Guard in space! Wagers ("Indranan War" trilogy) launches an exciting new military sf series filled with smart characters and taut action sequences that will keep readers engaged

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