A Chain Across the Dawn ( Universe After #2 ) [Williams, Drew]

A Chain Across the Dawn ( Universe After #2 ) [Williams, Drew]

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    It's been three years since Esa joined the ranks of the Justified. Together, Esa and fellow Justified agent Jane Kamali travel from planet to Pulse-ravaged planet, searching for other children with Esa's supernatural abilities. But on a visit to an extremely remote planet to rescue a gifted Wulf boy named Sho, they learn that the Justified are not the only people searching for gifted children. There is a creature with unexpected powers who will stop at nothing to get its hands on the children that Esa and Jane are trying to rescue. Now Esa, Jane, and Sho must travel halfway across the galaxy in pursuit of answers. But the answers only lead to more questions, and the danger will only increase as they chase their seemingly unbeatable nemesis.

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