The Valkyrie Gambit

Timewatch The Valkyrie Gambit

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    A trio of  TimeWatch Roleplaying Game  adventures: face Nazis, dinosaurs, power-crazed Egyptian gods, and worst of all yourself! The Sphinx and the Madman - Why does the Great Sphinx of Giza suddenly have your face? In an alternate history, you may be your own worst enemy...and your future self has a lot to answer for! Can you restore the true timeline?

    The Misery Trumpets - A peaceful autumn hike in northern Vermont turns into a cross-dimensional raid to save the sanity of everyone you know. When your own world is one of many, where do your allegiances lie?

    The Valkyrie Gambit - Someone changed the outcome of World War II, using methods that defy TimeWatch's warning system. Now it's up to your team of time cops to solve the mystery, stop an assassination, prevent nuclear war, and maybe corral a stray rampaging dinosaur or two along the way. To the time machines!  

    These one-shot adventures showcase what the TimeWatch RPG can do, and show GMs how to create their own time-traveling adventures. Face your past to save the future.

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