Strictly Better (Magic Minigame) [Kaldheim Minigame]
Strictly Better (Magic Minigame) [Kaldheim Minigame]

Strictly Better (Magic Minigame) [Kaldheim Minigame]

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1v1 Cmdr.
  • Description

    Set: Kaldheim Minigame
    Type: Card — Magic Minigame
    Rarity: Common
    3-6 players | 3-6 packs | 15 minutes


    Some cards are strong in Standard, others shine in Draft, but which card looks the tastiest? Take turns being the Judge and decide which Magic card is the best of the best in each wacky category.


    Randomly determine who will be the first Judge. Each player then opens a pack, removes any cards without Magic backs, and looks at their cards.


    The Judge chooses a category from the list on the back of this card (either their favorite or at random). The other players each secretly submit a card from their pack that they think fits the category.

    When the Judge has collected all the cards, they reveal each card, read it aloud, then choose the winner.

    The Judge role then passes to the next player, and they select a different category.

    TO WIN:

    The first player to win three categories is the winner!


    1. Best vacation spot

    2. First pick in Draft

    3. Grossest

    4. Cutest

    5. Shiniest

    6. Best rock band name

    7. Most likely to eat a hedron

    8. Best party leader

    9. Most inept

    10. Coolest treasure

    11. Most heroic

    12. Most likely to split the party

    13. Loudest

    14. The next Planeswalker

    15. The next fad diet

    16. Best mystery novel title

    17. Best birthday gift

    18. Best win condition

    19. Worst weather

    20. Worst way to die

    21. Best flavor text

    22. Best dinner date

    23. Most likely to steal your date

    24. Best dressed

    25. Tastiest

    26. Hottest

    27. Biggest

    28. Smallest

    29. Most dangerous job

    30. Dream job

    31. Most colorful

    32. Colossal Dreadmaw’s dinner

    33. Last picked in dodgeball

    34. Best pet
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