Weird Wars Rome

Savage Worlds Weird Wars Rome

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    Stride forth with the legions of Rome to the corners of the world the Celtic wilds, the forests of Germania, the deserts of Aegyptus and into a history few will ever know. Witness a history of the dark things that rise as blood and war mingle with shadows and fear.

    Fight the darkness in a war that spans centuries. Fight the darkness to your last breath and beyond!  Fight the darkness for Rome!

    Players in Weird Wars Rome are legionaries battling the enemies of Rome, as well as stranger things they encounter in their bloody travels across the Empire. The book features two Plot Point Campaigns, new rules for creating Legacies from era to era, equipment, strange creatures, enemies and allies, expanded rules for naval combat and sieges, the history of Weird Wars in the Roman period, a new Arcane Background, and an Adventure Generator for any war the legionaries of Rome find themselves fighting.

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